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Our story

Because we know social isolation is a leading cause of depression. Our purpose is to utilise technology to remove every roadblock associated with volunteering to encourage people to explore exciting opportunities to give back and reduce loneliness amongst communities.

We make volunteering easy by helping:

easily find, onboard, and retain quality volunteers.
find the help you need through good-hearted volunteers in your community.
easily find local events and earn karma points the more you help others.

Connecting charities and helpers

Reduce time spent manually managing volunteer-related admin. Increasing the number and frequency of events you can deliver, to improve your social impact.

51% of volunteer-led orgs
identify a lack of resources as 
a critical problem.
- PWC. SOV. 

How does it work

Step 1
Sign up for free
for life

Easily create your volunteering events based on skills, location & requirements.

Step 2
Invite your current volunteers or attract
new ones

Upload your current volunteer network via a CSV file and invite them to download the 3Helps mobile app.
Or create events and approve new volunteers based on their profile.

Step 3
Custom onboarding workflows

Create your own custom onboarding journey to help collect vital info, verify ID documents & complete automated police background checks. 

Step 4
Handle all admin in one platform

Enjoy and increase the number of volunteering events you can deliver, as we continue to save you time and resources. 


Strengthening neighbourhoods through helping others

Helping you find good-hearted volunteers in your community.

47% of volunteering occurs on the ground in local communities.

How does it work

Step 1
Create events

Download the mobile app to make a profile. Easily create informal volunteering events based on the help you need around the house or community.

Step 2
Find the help you need

Approve or reject volunteers based on their profile. Once approved, share specific event details to get the help you desire. Be sure to rate volunteers post-event to ensure the safety of our users.


Easily give back to your community

Explore exciting opportunities to give back, find unexpected fulfillment, and reduce loneliness amongst communities. 

90% use word of mouth to recruit volunteers.

How does it work

Step 1
Create a profile

Download the free mobile app to make a profile. Fill out your skills, interests, and location and easily complete a police background check. 

Step 2
Search, apply, and reap the rewards

Search and apply to local events. Help others and earn karma points for your efforts. These points can be redeemed at local mental and physical health-orientated merchants. 

Step 3
Spread the love to help make volunteering cool

Easily share on your socials and invite friends to help improve our overall social impact.


What goes around comes around

Join our like-minded community of merchants offering karma points as an incentive for volunteers to help others. Increase your social impact by helping to connect communities.

Why sign up?

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Together, we can make a difference

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Help us achieve our financial goal of $10k

All money raised will go directly towards driving social impact through the product and marketing exercises. Any contribution, big or small, will help.

Join 3 Helps today and help connect people through the act of giving.

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